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Purple Tree Music - The Team Making Up the Purple Tree Project

Purple Tree's Current "Live" Performers
(see also purple tree musician history)

David Perry


AnDoid Frisbee


Mark Bertran

Juan Mora


Purple Tree's Musician History Overview:
David Perry [David Pozobyt] (vocals, guitar, piano, synthesizer, special effects, keyboards, organ, accordion, percussion, bass), Jeremy Boilek (lead guitar, rhythm guitar, 2001-03), Ryan Henderlong (rhythm guitar, 2001), Andy Weeks (saxophone, bass guitar, 2001), Steve DeLassus (bass guitar, 2001-02), Mark Miller (drums, 2001-04), Jeremy Smolan (bass guitar, 2002), Steve Rempis (bass guitar, 2002-03), Ben Girnus (lead guitar, 2003), Pat McGraw (drums, 2003-04), Derek See [Derek Cullimore] (lead guitar, 2003), Mike Kasky (drums, 2004), Dave Schaeffer (lead guitar, 2004), Pat Conway (bass guitar, 2004), Dave Wright (drums, 2004), Rodney Rollo (lead guitar, 2004), Mark Bertran (bass guitar, 2006), Juan Mora (drums, 2006), AnDroid Frisbee [Andrew Frisbee] (lead guitar, 2006), Ben Girnus (lead guitar, 2007-present), Dave Wright (drums, 2007-present), Pat Conway (bass guitar, 2007-present)


What is ‘Purple Tree’?

  • "Purple Tree are essentially a vehicle for the music of singer and songwriter David Perry" ~UNCUT Magazine
  • "Purple Tree comes off as a refreshing new vibe instead of another Sgt. Peppers era Beatles wannabe band [...] Their lyrics have lyrical substance to them, unlike what you would hear with main-stream music today. " ~N.R.Mozis, ROCKBAND.COM
  • “This project [Purple Tree] will be a vehicle for my songs,” Interview with David Perry ~Midwest Beat Magazine 2003

(source: rateyourmusic.com:

In November 2000, the Purple Tree Project originated as a session band for David Perry’s Plasticine Man CD. By February 2001, the band agreed to perform Plasticine Man to a live audience and began rehearsal. They booked under the name David Perry and the Purple Tree, naming the session musicians after their song Purple Tree. The first mix of Plasticine Man was finished in December 2001 prompting a private CD release party in Valparaiso, Indiana December 7th, 2001. The CD was released as a Limited Edition, with plans to have it professionally mixed and released in the future.

In 2002 Purple Tree began performing in Chicago, Illinois. The band booked under the name David Perry’s Purple Tree. By 2003 the project had changed several musicians due to artistic conflicts, continuing to book performances, but now under just the name Purple Tree. David booked studio time at Studio Chicago to re-record Plasticine Man, engineered by Cousin Chuck Kawal.

In 2004, David moved to Astoria Queens, NY and wrote a new Purple Tree CD entitled the Final Prophecy. He remixed and used drum tracks from previous Studio Chicago sessions to assemble songs without a band, then performed remaining instruments himself. After the EP was complete in 2005, he assembled a new Purple Tree line up and held a private CD release in Manhattan. After which, they performed the Final Prophecy around New York City and surrounding suburbs the remainder of 2006. In March 2007 David moved to Chicago where he continues to write and record music under the name Purple Tree using a new line-up of musicians.

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‘Purple Tree’ is the retro rock movement for the new century. Incorporating influences from the 60’s and 70’s, together with vintage keyboards, this music has been described by listeners as "British Sounding", and even "Pink Floyd meets Julian Lennon". ‘Purple Tree’s lyrics are masterful and enlightening with a sharp message involving love, life, and politics. The project has an eclectic sound appeasing to several ages and genres while ignoring popular categories and labels.
The history of ‘Purple Tree’ begins through the talents of David Perry. David’s the architect of ‘Purple Tree’, weaving life within the sound and lyrics of these tracks. In 1996 Perry began as an acoustic performer but later blossomed into what he calls the ‘Purple Tree’, interweaving his solo act into this larger scale masterpiece, hiring outside musicians as needed for live performance. David’s talents also include the ability to produce his own work in the studio, thus allowing him the creative freedom to craft his sound as he envisions it. ‘Purple Tree’ became popularized throughout the Chicago-Land area by means of live performance. The project moved to the east coast for two years introducing its sound to a responsive New York City fan base, established through internet and word of mouth. ‘Purple Tree’ has been seen in such New York clubs as ‘Arlene’s Grocery’, ‘Crash Mansion’, and ‘Fat Baby’ to name a few. These clubs have been well recognized and continue to be the launching point for many new and seasoned artists alike. After the foundation for this project was laid out in the ‘big apple’, David decided to again plant his roots in the Metro-Chicago area where he continues to create this unique style of music.
Fans of ‘Purple Tree’ are not limited to just Chicago-Land and New York City. There are fans in many different cities, states and countries all around the world. With great internet sites such as YouTube and MySpace, ‘Purple Tree’ was able to quickly introduce its creative talents to anyone who wants to log on and listen. And listen they did. Purple Tree’s internet hits are abundant and the feedback has always been positive and forthcoming. ‘Purple Tree’ is one of the most unique musical projects available today. Combining skill, technology, and a lust for good music, every year the ‘Purple Tree’ project continues to grow and mature, leaving only the question as to what can be expected in the coming years?


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