Neptune Rules the Sign of Pisces
• On the downside: Dishonesty, Martyrdom, and Indecisiveness in most affairs.
• Your good qualities include: Sensitivity to the needs of others and Idealism
• Your lifes work: Learning to use your creative imagination to the benefit of others, not just self.

Your symbol is the Fish
Swimming in opposite directions.

MUTABLE--Twelfth sign of the Zodiac--WATER SIGN
Feburary 20 to March 20

The upstream of the two fish show that you fight against the 'currents'; that you make an effort to overcome the negative aspects and happenings in your life by looking for inspiration, while at the same time you are willing to share those inspirations with others. Perhaps pushing yourself and others too hard.
The fish in the opposite direction suggest exactly what you would think; you feel, sometimes, as though everyone will eventually get to the point they are aiming for so why put forth the effort. The downstream fish does not have a goal or very much ambition but, Basically, the upstream one has a point to its life but can push so hard that it completely misses the mark.
The contradictions in your nature show that you are plotting a course to your objectives while the other side of you says, "why bother"?, This type of inner turmoil can cause you to give people all manner of impressions about you, such as: A genuine altruist to a subtle manipulator, or from the mystic to the misfit. The cause of these misleading impressions are your inner sense of feeling that all is one and one is all; you can do anything, or be anyone. In other words, you can be all things to all people. You are a caring and sympathetic human being but rather than let the world know just how soft hearted you are you have found many ways to camouflage your immense sensitivity. This is also the trait that lets you present one thing as being another, done so that you can enlighten those who listen to you and look to you for help.
You make good, loving parents and your sensitivity allows you to understand the emotional needs of your children. Some Pisceans do not make good wives or husbands as they find it hard to give up their favorite game of flirting and the ego boost of getting a response from the opposite sex. It is hard to respond to a partner, on any level, when you are caught in a net of the fear of being found out.
You are good at understanding others and yourself, more so than any other sign. This is also the sign of the true, and gifted, mystic.You are appreciative of people in all walks of life although you occasionally complain about their ways you usually go back into your usual mode of acceptance, giving everyone the right to act for themselves. You root for the underdog and champion lost causes but they only serve to remind you that joy and sorrow are one and sensitivity is synonymous with suffering.

Who prays, and serves, and prays some more:
And feeds the begger at the door-
And weeps o'er loves lost long before?
Poor Pisces!


Your color is the SOFT SEAGREEN of the Ocean.

Your metal the precious PLATINUM from the earth.


Some Famous People Born in Pisces
Crown Prince: Naruhito
Actress: Clair Trevor
Actor: Peter Graves
Actress: Vanessa Williams

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