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Plasticine Man

Plasticine Man

Fly to the Station

Fly to the Station describes Plasticine s journey through an Astrotrip taken to escape sadness. This song encompasses his journey as he begins to discover truth, and his inner balance with the universe around us. Most of us react to challenging situations in our lives with anger, insecurity or fear, never realizing that we create what we experience: Our outward lives reflect imbalances in our inner lives.

The line in this song, I ll laugh so hard, you ll feel me smile, Just tune my station on your dial explains that when Plasticine finds the answers he s looking for in his journey, he will send back a message to his loved ones stating that everything s finally alright; communicating through frequency <4673.76. The entire Universe is made out of pure LIGHT energy, and you only want to tap into the LIGHT energy that is specifically designed for you. (Unless of course you are into channeling or POCESSION). Our inner spirit is made up of invisible energy waves. It is housed by a fragile body that keeps it self contained; the body is then controlled by one mind . Ones spirit may be gone for what ever reason, (Death, Coma, etc.) but a fourth dimension human CAN tune in to the frequency that the spirit owns, (similar to a finger print on a human), through a medium, or an open intoned mind and chakra, thus bridging the gap with the beyond and allowing communication through what humans may sometimes consider paranormal phenomena, even though in reality it s all relative. For those who don t know what charkas are: We all have 7 chakras. (Some folks believe that we have 12, but they re incorrect, (just like some folks don t believe that the temporal distortions near a black hole can be extreme (rS = 2GM/c2 explains it))) Charkas are vortices of energy that connect the physical body with the spiritual. They re parts of the body s machinery. They represent points in the body that allow the Spiritband of electro-magnetic energy to successfully run through all of the geometric grid work that make up all of the cells in your body. (A closed mind may not be able to comprehend anything of this nature. Minds are like parachutes, they work best when they re open.)

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