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Plasticine Man

Plasticine Man

Purple Tree

The lyrics in the song Purple Tree describe a perfect scenario for a daydream occurring on Spectron. (Plasticine s Home) There are, however, hidden meanings in the song that refer to different things. The Tree that is mentioned in the song is actually a euphemism for ones intellectual state. PURPLE Tree is a way of describing a unique, one of a kind, quality that makes ones intellectual state different from others. Everyone has their own Purple Tree of sorts that may prompt others to consider you a social outcast. Some folks carry a belief or mannerism that they lock away for ever, thus making them not their true selves in public. I feel people should release this mentality, and just be themselves. Who cares what people think of you. If they don t like you for who you truly are, then you don t need them in your lives! Why should you wear a mask created by other s expectations of normality? With all that just explained, it may be a little easier to understand the line, Nothing to see, Just me and my Tree . Quite basically speaking it means, Nothing to see, Just me and my one of a kind unique thoughts.(or abnormal intellectual state) (Of course, that wouldn t be very poetic (LOL))

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