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Plasticine Man

Plasticine Man


Circles is a song that was written with several hidden messages about the cycle of life. You start off fresh and new, full of energy and ambition as you strive to make your mark in existence. Yet every waking moment, and all the accomplishments you make throughout your journey, only bring you closer to the inevitable end. When your cycle of life, (or circle), is through what will it look like? Is it a big circle that everyone will notice all the texture and detail of? Or is it a small, unsuspecting circle that folks will hardly ever see, or remember? Either way it s a circle none the less. Hundreds of years after you are long forgotten, circles of all sorts, and styles, will still be continuing to form.
It can seem at times that no one in life truly loves you until you re through. We feel that same way about actual circles as represented in the lyrics to Circles . Do you really care about a semi circle that is on it s way to becoming a big circle? We may see it s beginning, and notice as it s coming to a close, but it s not a circle until it s dead, or no longer in motion.
Actual circles are everywhere. They stand as a constant reminder that our time is near, just as theirs were at one point. Soon everyone, and everything, will have completed it s cycle. Fate may, or may not be predetermined, but the beginning of your circle patiently waits for you to return to it.

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