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David Perry
David Perry Solo:

Daydreaming' -

It's five o'clock already and I guess I couldn't care
Put on the raggy sweater and the million mile stare
I went into the lavatory just to tease my hair
The buzz kept me from feeling blue.

Daydreaming', Daydreaming'
Love feeling', I'm Daydreaming' of you

Once I met a person who reminded me of you
She took me to the pictures and commenced to make me blue
My image started flowing and my bags were left behind
I tell you that I swear it's true.

Once I had a lover that would kick me out of bed
She'd send me to the market for to score a loaf of bread
I had to shoot some Brandy just to ease my achy head
Now what could any person do?

I was Daydreaming', Daydreaming'
Got a Love feeling', Cause I'm Daydreaming' of you
Daydreaming' of you

Once I shook a girl of a fraction of her mind
She started smokin' slowly and it left her way behind
I gave her all I had 'cause I was feeling mighty kind
Now baby do you think I'm true?

Once I beat a person of an inch within' his life
He said he couldn't stand me so he made me screw his wife
He never loved his family but he always loved his strife
Now what could any person do?

All Songs © 2001 DavidPerry


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