Plasticine Man

Plasticine Man

Limited Edition- Re-Issue

The HIGH FIDELITY RELEASE of 'PLASTICINE MAN' May still be coming soon...In the mean time, David Perry has remixed the old recordings to bring to you to the re-release of 'Plasticine Man'. Preview new tracks on the music page.

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Price $10.00

Plasticine man is a Sci Fi concept album about a troubled man from an alternate dimension. He commits suicide, and becomes trapped in our existence. The story is told through this cutting edge rock music. It starts with his introduction. (Plasticine Man), followed by his suicide, (Faces on the Wall) and then spirals into a flash back of his life; Starting with White Light, and ending with Garden of Eden which is the moment right before his suicide in Faces in the Wall. It is closed with the Plasticine Man (Reprise) which announces that his time is short, but he has one final message before he leaves. Then comes Keep on Shining, his message to all Spectrone’s form the beyond (or our waking life)

New Plasticine Man Song Line up:

1. Plasticine man
2. faces on the wall
3. white light
4. circles
5. purple tree
6. friend of the stallion
7 psychedelic
8. mind scan
9. fly to the station
10. garden of Eden
11. Plasticine man (reprise)
12. keep on shining

All Songs © 2001 DavidPerry

Band Line up:
David Perry -vocals, rhythm guitar, keyboards, accordion, bass
Jeremy Boilek - lead guitar, rhythm guitar
Steve DeLassus - bass guitar
Mark Miller - drums